Turbo Tubs of Fun Carnival Ride

It’s Time To Go Turbo!!!

Want a great ride for your next event? The Turbo Tubs of fun has six tubs that spin on rotating arms, the riders can also increase the spin of their own tub so the teenagers can spin fast and the mom and dads can spin slow with the little ones if needed, controlling the thrill of the ride. The Turbo Tubs can also accommodate adults, so mom and dad can ride with the kids. Up to 24 kids at once or 12 Adults at once. This ride comes with a trained staff to operate it for your event. Great for Fairs, School Carnivals, Company Picnics & Fundraisers for Kids & Adults to enjoy! AKA Tubs Of Fun!!!

Holds up to 24 riders at once (24 kids or 12 adults)








Level Area Needed
Power/Generator is provided with rental
Staffing is provided with rental
Space to deliver this ride with a Truck (has to be pulled into setup location)

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