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    24ft. Rock Climbing Wall

    Let Clown Around Party Rental roll into your next event. Nothing adds more excitement or visual appeal to an event than rock climbing walls. The rock climbing wall is designed to challenge and thrill participants of all ages and ability levels. Our Rock Climbing Wall Rentals are a towering 24 feet high and can accommodate …

Rock Climbing Walls

Rock Climbing Rental

A rockwall, or rock climbing wall, is a great interactive and physical party addition. Whenever you want the best rock climbing wall rental for your party, you can count on our rock climbing wall rental to be everything you could ever want and MORE! Our affordable rock wall rental is very popular amongst Texas and Southern Oklahoma residents and many party patrons rent this product for a lot of their parties/celebrations. This rock climbing wall rental towers at 24 feet high and can accommodate about 3 climbers at one time. Rock climbing walls are great for parties and events because they’re so widely enjoyed by people of all ages. Don't hesitate, call to rent a rock climbing wall today!

Is Our Rock Climbing Wall Rental Safe?

The short answer is yes. Our Rock climbing wall is one of the safest in Texas and Southern Oklahoma. We follow all Texas and Oklahoma Department of Insurance requirements, including safety crowd control barriers. Additionally, our rock climbing wall includes a trained staff member to ensure everyone has a share of the fun while remaining safe. We ensure that all guests have as much fun as possible while at the same time ensuring nobody gets hurt. Our rock climbing wall is easy to reserve, and effortless to set up once we arrive – because we do all of the setup and tear down for you!

What Our Rock Climbing Wall Can Be Used For

Our affordable rock wall rental can be used for a variety of purposes and events. If you're throwing a simple large scale party, you can most definitely rent our rock climbing wall. This rental is a great way to engage attendees in performing an exciting activity and have them reach the top. Even if you're managing a fair or carnival, this safe rock climbing wall rental can especially be utilized. You'll have carnival guests waiting in line just to climb this amazing product. Some other places that our affordable rock wall rental can be used for includes:
  • - Birthday Parties
  • - Church Events
  • - School Events
  • - HOA Events
  • - Holiday Parades
  • - Family Reunions & Much More!
No matter the occasion, our rock wall rental can be used for just about anything. For any event, the rock climbing wall will for sure have guests lining up to participate and try to climb to the very top.

High-Quality Rock Climbing Wall

We promise you that our safe rock climbing wall rental is of the highest quality and is made with the highest grade of materials. We treat every party as if it were our own and so we ensure that our products only provide the most beneficial of results.

Rock Climbing Wall Rental & Operation

When you're attempting to plan, schedule, or even manage a party, it can more often than not prove to be very stressful at times. In most cases, handling every single facet of your party planning isn't entirely manageable. Here at Clown Around Party Rental, we recognize this issue and try to do everything in our power to ensure your party proceeds as smoothly as possible. Which is why we carry out the responsibility of setting up and even operating your party rentals whenever necessary. If you're looking for rock climbing walls, you can trust that we're the best choice. When you call us to place an order for a rock climbing wall rental, though, you won't have to worry about making sure it's properly set up for use. Our experienced employees will ensure it's set up accordingly and ready to be used by your attendees. Each and every single one of our employees is qualified and experienced to handle every single party rental product we offer, especially when it comes to our rock climbing wall rental. With their expertise and efficiency, you can relax knowing that your rental will provide exactly what you need. You can also expect it to be delivered to you in a timely manner as our staff is also very efficient.

Highest Quality Rock Climbing Wall Rental You'll Find in All of Texas & Southern Oklahoma

All of Southern Oklahoma and Texas regard us as the greatest and most trustworthy rock climbing wall rental service providers. And this isn't just because we deliver based on what the customer needs. It's also because we ensure the customer is provided with only the best and most high-end party rentals around, especially when it comes to ordering a rock climbing wall rental of ours. Each and every single game rental of ours is fabricated with only the highest-quality materials and we can promise that there won't be a single flaw in their functionality as they're being used during your party. Due to the fact that rock climbing walls are somewhat designed for child entertainment, it's easy for most parents to worry about their child's safety. We can, however, promise that there isn't a single thing to worry about when you're using our rentals. In fact, we implore that all young patrons at your party enjoy the fun of our rock climbing wall rental as we feel confident that our staff will ensure their safety.

Rock Climbing Wall Rental Delivery

Your time matters and we here at Clown Around Party Rental understand this the most. When you call to place an order for a rock climbing wall rental for a specific day, we'll log it and prepare to deliver it to you in a timely fashion.  We want to make sure no obstructions occur so that you can enjoy your party to the fullest.

Contact Clown Around Party Rental For The Best Rock Climbing Wall in all of Texas & Southern Oklahoma

If you're interested in our rock climbing wall rental, then don't hesitate to call us. We can promise you that you won't find any better party rental services than the ones we provide at Clown Around. For many years, many Texas and Southern Oklahoma residents have depended on our services to provide them with the best party rentals. We're more than confident that when you hire us, you'll be added to our growing list of satisfied customers as your party will be talked about for days after. For any inquiries about renting our rock climbing wall, call us at 903-989-2824 or by visiting our contact page.