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Clown Around Express Trackless Train Rental

This Trackless Train rental has grown from a want to a must have!!! Our Trackless Trains can run indoors or outdoors. We have an electric trackless train that can run indoors at any venue with absolutely no emissions. Trackless train rentals are forever timeless machines and children are drawn to them automatically. Children & Adults are instantly attracted to the Clown Around Express trackless train rental and the best part of it all if that mom and dad can ride it too!!! So all aboard & get ready to ride The Clown Around Express! Book your party train rental today! This train can carry 18 children or 12 adults per ride cycle, or a combination or the two.
Perfect for:
Birthday Parties
Church Events
School Events
HOA Events
Holiday Parades
Family Reunions & Much More!

***Note: Images that appear on the web may not reflect the latest changes such as color schemes.

Electrical Requirements

No Power Required *Trackless train requires no track and can run on grass or concrete. It holds up to 18 children. It has covered tops, padded seats and set belts for safety.








Trained Driver Provided With Rental

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